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Whether or not our customers are professional designers or engineers, they can count on us to take their ideas from the conceptual stage to a fully-detailed design, then onto functioning prototypes and in many cases right into production.

When DKG is involved in a project in such a comprehensive manner, modifications, improvements and changes are easy to incorporate due to our intimacy with the project from its inception. Partnering with our customers in this way builds a close and lasting relationship that allows our customers to focus on their core abilities.

plan of suzuki part

We utilize SolidWorks 3D CAD software to document and help communicate our design ideas and parameters. We at DKG are very proud of our extensive history in helping our clients realize their ideas and in many cases take them successfully to market.















If you have an idea that the world is waiting for, but need some help to get it past the "bar napkin sketch" stage, bring it to us. We can help make it a reality! Our experience in starting from scratch, refining and/or completing designs is extensive. We can begin with your idea or concept at any stage of its development. And yes, we have actually produced some pretty awesome results from sketches on napkins and crude mockups.














Once we have ascertained the level of design involvment required, we can go about the task of gathering all the info needed to turn the concept into a design. This is a critical step for any design project and it depends on good communication between DKG and its customer.

Once again the depth and breadth of our knowledge and experience comes in handy, allowing us to help more clearly define the important features and parameters that can optimize and possibly enhance the function and marketability of your idea.














The utilization of the solid modeling type of CAD allows our customers to see their ideas in virtual 3D form before any material is ever cut. Functioning assemblies can be constructed and actuated in this virtual manner as well. This is a huge help in checking clearances, range of motion, etc.

We think that a product's aesthetics are very important. In many cases this is an excellent way to set your product apart from those it competes with in the market. Solid modeling makes viewing aesthetic options very easy and is a fantastic tool for concept visualization.

Customer viewable versions of the model can be sent by email and opened without the purchase of expensive software.














Design completed....Now what? Assuming that the design we’ve helped you with was intended to see the light of day as a functioning object, we’re now ready for the prototyping and production phases.

Using the info we’ve gathered from you and the methods that are available here at DKG to document the completed design, we now have everything needed to produce a prototype. Once the prototype has been adequately evaluated and approved we can plan production, finalize tooling and start cutting metal!