Machine Shop Capabilities:

Extensive experience in:

  • CNC programming - Turning to 8 axes - milling to 4 axes.
  • Protoype to production machining - 1 to 100,000 pieces.
  • Fixture design and production process planning.
  • Design and process refinement over time.
  • Efficiency and motion studies.
  • Product concept, design and development
  • with emphasis on manufacturability and ergonomics
  • Working with others on projects.
  • TIG welding and fabrication.


  • Aluminum and Magnesium
  • Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Plastics

CAD / CAM Software:

  • EdgeCam v11.5 . . .
  • Computer-aided machining software - 8 axis turning - 4 axis milling
  • SmartCam v12
  • Computer-aided machining software - 3 axis turning - 3 axis milling
  • SolidWorks v 2007 . . .
  • Solid Modeling CAD software

Manual and Support Equipment:

  • Mecatool Pallet changing system
  • 15" LeBlonde Servo-Shift lathe
  • Lagun vertical milling machine
  • Linclon 300/300 TIG welder
  • Brown & Sharp universal tool and cutter grinder
  • MEP cutoff saw
  • Jet band saw
  • Diacro tubing bender
  • Diacro 24" finger brake

Production CNC Machinery:

Nakamura-Tome WT250MMY

  • 8-axis turning center w/ twin turrets and sub-spindle
  • 2.52.5" bar capacity, 10"
  • Full Y-axis milling w/ live tooling, 1000psi coolant

Daewoo Puma 200M

  • 3-axis turning center w/ auto tail stock
  • 2.5" bar capacity, 18" turning capacity
  • Milling w/ live tooling

Matsuura MC600VF

  • 4-axis vertical machining center
  • w/ Tsudakoma RN200 4th axis
  • 15,000rpm, 1000psi coolant
  • X-24X-24" Y-16" Z-18.5"

Matsuura MC510V

  • 4-axis vertical machining center
  • w/ Tsudakoma RN150 4th axis
  • 10,000rpm
  • X-20" Y-14" Z-16"

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