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We offer a small selection of DKG brand bicycle parts.

DKG's proprietor, Dave Garoutte is long time cyclist. Having grown up in Marin County he was riding klunker bikes right alongside those now considered the founders of Mountain Biking.

It should be no surprise to find out that even way back then (mid to late ’70s) he was modifying and making parts to help these old bikes work better for the extreme use he and his pals were subjecting them to.

Click to button to shop for Bicycle Products














When first asked for design solutions that would enhance the function and ease of use of specific pieces of astronomy equipment, we were amazed at the low tech approach used in some of the "high end" astronomy accessories we examined.

The parts we’ve designed and made for our customers in this field have been well accepted and were immediately considered the very best available. The warm reception our astronomy accessory designs have earned has motivated us to offer a few products of our own. Currently in development are:

Off Axis Guiders
Positive two-axis adjustment, no more thumb screws and dropped scopes.

Concentric Eyepiece Adaptors (1.25" to 2")
Quick change with multiple filter options.














The capabilities and potential of the latest CNC equipment are truly mind-boggling. Without a doubt modern machining practices have revolutionized manufacturing and opened up the possibilities for new designs to a huge degree.

One of the biggest challenges that every modern machine shop faces is the constant question of how best to hold something that is being machined.

At DKG we've always focused on this important aspect of machining. We believe very strongly that great strides in quality control, productivity and cost effectiveness of simple and not so simple parts can be the result of creative and effective workholding. We’ve got some great designs that have worked out well for our own shop and plan to bring them to market. Stay tuned!

Don’t hesitate to call us with your own workholding conundrum, we’re anxious to work with you to solve the problem, so you can go about the business of making chips!














de•sign´ (de-zin) v. 1. to make drawings, preliminary sketches or plans
2. to plan and fashion artistically or skillfully

–tr. 3. to intend for a definite purpose
4. To form or conceive in the mind
5. To assign in thought or intention

–noun. 6. an outline, sketch or plan.
7. organization or structure of formal elements in a structure, work of art or composition.
8. a plan or project.
9. the art of designing.

Click the Design button to learn more.














man•u•fac´ture, (man ye-fak´cher) n. 1. the making of goods or wares by manual labor or by machinery, esp. on a large scale

–v. 2. the making or producing of anything
3. to make or produce by hand or machinery, esp. on a large scale
4. to work up (material) into a form for use

Abbr. manuf., manufac., mfg., mfr.

man-u-fac´tur-a-ble adj.

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We love music at DKG. If you’ve spent much time here on DKG's website, you’ve probably figured out that we have a passion for designing and making nice things.

A couple of us here at DKG play on instruments we've built ourselves. Its a hugely rewarding experience when two driving forces in our lives can be brought together like this.

The chances of us ever offering DKG musical instruments is slim indeed, but we’ve got numerous ideas in development for various guitar and bass products that we will be offerring to the public.

We invite you to check back with us for more news on DKG’s future line of music products.

















Click the Museum button if you’re interested in a more detailed look at what we have done over the last 30 years.

There are several case studies showing the entire process; from idea to production.

You should find some interesting history as well as a few strange contraptions.

We will be adding to the displays regularly as we write copy and track down photos.


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DKG opened its doors in 1978 as a fabrication, welding and manual machine shop.

We built various aftermarket motorcyle parts as well as one of the first production Mountain Bikes: the Trailmaster.

This continued until 1986, when we purchased a FADAL vertical machining center. I had realized that the future for us was in CNC, not maual machining and fabricating.

We have been slowly growing, purchasing 4 more CNC’s over the next 15 years and expanding into a larger shop next door. We’ve been in the same building for 28 years now.

Over the years, utilizing my extensive experience as a motorcycle mechanic and racer, we have had the opportunity to design and develop parts and products for a long list of motorcycle and bicycle companies. These skills have allowed us to do the same for a wide variety of other industries as well; from astronomy to medical, electronics to prosthetics, museums to restorations. We also have a small product line of our own. Please see our current and past customer list below.

We can do prototype to production quantities and are particularly good at figuring out how to do complicated parts. Our customers often utilize our production experience to help finalize their designs. We consider our manufacturing / design input a major value-added asset of using our shop for your designs. We work well with your engineers to make the best parts possible. We have extensive experience machining aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, steel and plastic.














DKG is a full service CNC machine shop located just north of San Francisco. DKG is owned and operated by Dave Garoutte and was opened in 1978.

Our range of interest, knowledge and experience is very broad, allowing us to quickly understand our customer’s needs.

DKG is more than just a job shop. At DKG we work closely with our customers to ensure correctly made parts that function as intended. Whether for better function, more efficient manufacturability or aesthetic concerns, we are happy to help our customers refine their designs. We also offer full design services that allow us to take your verbal description or simple sketch and turn it into a Computer Aided Design (CAD) file (solid model, mechanical drawing, etc.). Once that's completed we’re ready, willing and able to prototype it and once approved, take it into production. No matter how complex your design is, we are confident we can offer solutions for even the most difficult machining challenge. This is what we mean by full service!

DKG also sells products of our own design and manufacture, we invite you to peruse our varied product offerings, you may find something you can’t live without.

At DKG we are passionate about quality design and precision machining. Check out the museum section to get an idea of just how passionate we are.
Thanks for visiting our web site! We invite your inquiries.