Frame Kit Brochure photo

Do it yourself frame kit (just kidding)

Do it yourself swingarm kit (still kidding)

Swingarm 'stamping'

The Original Frame

The original bike w/ monocoque seat frame @ Daytona

Loudon NH

Updated seat frame on the production frame


Jack Baker's TT500 frame

Sears Point - photo by Mush Emmons

The Line-O-Bikes : eight of my frames at Sears Point
Bill Brinkerhoff, Bill Smith, Mike Ross, John Williams

From the other side
Jack Baker, Doug Draper, Glen Shopher, Mike Canepa?

RD400 motor for endurance racing at SMQ

First race : Sears Point 250 miler: ignition failed while leading

Ontario 6-hr. 7th overall 1st 500, beat all 750's

Ontario 6-hr.

Sears pits

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